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What is “Under The Same Sky” ?

Under The Same Sky /Utsas is a two year (2017-2019) Erasmus+KA201 project approved and
granted by European Union. This Project is coordinated by Scoala Gimnaziala Nr18 Sibiu from
Romania. There are five partner schools take part in the Project : Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary
School / Turkey, Zespol Szkol im. por. Jozefa Sarny w Gorzycach /Poland, Zakladna skola Janka
Francisciho Rimavskeho Hnusta /Slovakia, Izglitibas Inovaciju Parneses Centrs /Latvia, Hristijan
Karposh /Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.Each year, thousands of children and teens in Europe experience divorce or separation of their parents. The process or separation is challenging life transition for children and teens. During a divorce, they often feel a variety of conflicting emotions. Anger, sadness, worry, relief, confusion,
guilt, embarrasment, loneliness and nervousness – these are all common emotions that these children
or teens experience when their parents divorce or separate. Besides, they have sleeping problems,
decreased self-esteem as well as difficulty in school work and other activities. As a result, all these
trouble can be manifested as withdrawn or aggressive behaviour. The students, who have experienced
the problems explained above as a result of their parents divorce or separation, are defined as at-rsik
students. They mostly cannot adopt social life among peers at school because of either their low self-
esteem or aggressive behaviours. In this project, we are aiming that these at risk students increase their
self-esteem in positive and improve their social skills through art and drama activities. Because, if the
student is not able to cope with the problems and does not get enough support, he/she will not feel
himself/herself as a part of the school and early school leaving may occur. Our objective is to provide
these students with understanding and support in order to prevent early school leavings. The activities
in this project aim to support these at risk students at our schools and help them work through feelings,
concerns and frustrations regarding the divorce.During and after the project, through the activities planned in the project we are aiming to;-increase protective coping skills for students who have experience divorce or separation,-improve students’ appropriate expression of emotions about their family stiuation and
resulting transition,-foster positive self-esteem and resiliency in student,-help them overcome feelings of isolation by realizing that there are also other families who
are undergoing divorce. Using art and drama are the ways to externalise the problem, share our stories
and connect with others.-improve their social relationship and develop collaboration with their peers and adults,-students explain themselves; their feelings and thoughts in public freely,

-increase their motivation during classes and engage in classroom activities, lessons,

-students create reachable future goals,

-students promote critical thinking skills,

-students have ability of completing a task.



In order to value and promote the positive experiences accumulated by the pre-university education units in the running of the projects funded by the European programs in the field of education and training Erasmus +, the Ministry of National Education from Romania launched the 13th edition of the “Made for Europe” National Contest. The “Made for Europe” National Contest is the competition for the final products of the projects funded by European programs. The presentation of the product in public session at the contest is made by a student, nominated by the school leadership, at the proposal of the project team members. The evaluation of the final products is done by the county competition commission. The product of the “Under The Same Sky” project (project website) was presented in Sibiu by Tigăeriu Theodora, pupil in the 7th grade of Secondary School no. 18 Sibiu. Following the presentation of the project product the Secondary School no. 18 Sibiu won the third prize at the county level.