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Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary School is located in the city center of Kocaeli, Turkey. Our school was built in 1963. As the building was very old and little damaged in the earthquake in 1999, it was destroyed in July 2012. The school was rebuilt on the area of 11500 m2 by the financial support of a businessman Mehmet Sinan Dereli and reopened in September 2013.
The main building contains 26 classrooms, one science lab, two art classes, one ICT class, one library, one infirmary, one teachers room, six offices, one cafeteria. The second building contains one gymnasium (with the capacity of 200 spectators) and a theatre hall (with the capacity of 200 audiences). All of the classrooms have smart boards with internet access.
There are football and basketball areas in the garden. We have got 630 students, 41 teachers with various branches, 2 co-principals and a principal.
Our school is a non-profit, public school so we follow the national education system.
Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary School’s mission is raising persons who are hopeful about future, rational, ethic and have self-esteem. According to this mission, we are aiming to be a leader school that is solution oriented, open to innovations and base the happiness of shareholders. To reach this vision and improve students’ motivation, we have been doing many activities and taking part in projects since our school was renovated in 2013.
Our school took part in a Comenius project called “Green European” as a partner with Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, South Cyprus and Germany in 2012-2014. The project was coordinated by Estonia.
Our school took part in a project about integration of Roma students to the school life with Kocaeli Municipality in 2014. The model works of this project were practiced at our school.
The Turkish Ministry of Health carries out a project named “White Flag”, which is about hygiene at schools. Our school has fulfilled all the requirements and deserved to get “White Flag” in 2015.
Our school has been inspected by The Ministry of Health and The Ministry of Education and approved that it is strongly suitable for healthy nutrition and dynamic living standards. Because of that, our school has deserved to get “Nutrition Friendly School” certificate in 2016.
Our school has been assessed about the Occupational Health and safety management system and found to comply with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate in 2016.
The management system of our school has also been assessed about the quality management and found to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 certificate in 2016.
In 2016, our school has deserved to get “My Perfect School” project flag from Provincial National Education Directorate and Governorship of Kocaeli as it has fulfilled all the requirements of occupational health and safety.
All the teachers at Mehmet Sinan Dereli Secondary School always follow the innovations about education and try to improve their professions so as to improve our school’s education quality, improve students’ creativity and support students to have self-esteem.

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