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Hristijan Karposh is a non-profit public primary school situated in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia. The school was established in 1959, located in the central area of the city, and then in 1976 it was relocated in one of the suburbs of Kumanovo. Hristijan Karposh is providing formal education to 1308 students in the age range from 6 to 14 years.. The students are of ethnically different background: the majority- 1104 Macedonian and the minority -191 Roma and 18 Serbian students. According to the national education system the educational process takes 9 years – from 1st to 9th Grade. The teaching process is carried out in two shifts in three separate buildings – one central school and two satellite schools with a total area of 3661 m2. The school has actively been working on the development and design of their classrooms, programs and activities so that all their students can learn and participate together, also on creating strategies to address the diverse challenges experienced by the rapidly changing structure of their society. The school has also been working on creating inclusive classrooms, and adopting a programme for children with special needs.
In our school we aim to create a friendly, safe and happy environment for all. We aim to build on success not failure, so our children will be encouraged to the full in anything and everything they are good at, or have a keen interest in developing.
We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the National Curriculum. Great emphasis is placed upon child centred learning, developing independence, acquiring skills for life and ensuring that all children feel confident and valued in a safe environment.

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